The studios are in Moda, Kadıköy, at the heart of the Anatolian side in İstanbul. Kadıköy is an perfect location if you prefer to be away from the chaotic city atmosphere and have an easy public transportation to all the city highlights.


Moda is the modern face of Kadikoy, where you can experience the old city as well as having bohemian lively, night life, lots of coffee shops, bars, gourmet restaurants, hammams etc. You can have long pleasant walks, cycle or run by the beautiful Moda seaside which will be only 10 minutes walking distance from home.


You also have 5 minutes walking distance to the famous fish market where you have beautiful restaurants and fresh, gourmet Turkish food. If you are vegeterian/vegan, you will have so many options in Kadikoy.

You can take a direct Havatas shuttle bus from Sabiha Gokcen airport. Getting home from Ataturk airport is also easy. However as passing the Bosphorus will the case, you might be stuck in rush hour traffic. In order to avoid this, lets decide on this according to your flight details.

During your visit in Istanbul, you will have too many options for sightseeing.

You can take the ferries from the ferry port which is 10 minutes distance from the flat. By using the ferry, you will both have the chance to see the great Bosphorus view and go to the very center of the old city (Golden Horn) where you will find the Grand Bazaar, famous Galata tower, the palaces and mosques. You can also go to Taksim, Beyoglu street, which is the living center of the European side. (Alternatively, you also have the chance to take the mini buses that work 24 hours from Kadikoy to Taksim Square.)


In the Asian side of the city, you can go to the beautiful Prince Islands and the Maiden Tower by the ferry as well.


Home is gay friendly, if this is a concern.

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